This fusion class is the perfect intro to SUP and Yoga for beginners and can be an added challenge and an exciting change for someone with a deep yoga practice as well! Wherever you are in your practice and water sports journey, this is the perfect class for you to try something new!
Salutations, Sun! Start your morning right on your mat with fresh air all around to greet the sun and flow with us! Catch a SUP at a discounted rate afterwards at your convenience.

The full moon is a time for release and letting go. This flow will bring a meditative and strengthening experience for the heart, body and mind. Set along the moonlit shore of RIVA beach where you can deepen your practice and tune into nature’s rhythm. This yoga session is open to all levels!

Should you wish to stay for a longer shavasana and indulge in ceremonial hot cacao afterwards on your mat while crystal bowl healing sounds wash over you and calm you, then check out our Full Moon Sound Healing Meditation

First we welcome you with ceremonial cacao made with love and an obscene amount of antioxidants. From your first sip, you enter into a deep meditative journey that is then carried through with the crystal bowls healing sounds. Get cozy and warm and enter an ethereal experience. The sounds from the crystal bowls will heal and align you as the Full Moon energy helps you release all that doesn’t serve you. 

Option 1: (Full Moon Yoga + Full Moon Sound Healing)

With this package, you will receive the full 3- hour experience of Yoga and Sound Healing meditation (with ceremonial cacao) at a discounted price!

SUP FIT incorporating fitness, paddling and some fun at the same time. Our trainers will take you out for a fun paddle session with some great workout elements.

Learn how to stand up paddle the right way. A full summary of ocean safety, proper paddle technique, and equipment overview is included in each class making you feel confident to explore. Experience nature’s bliss and see The Palm like never before.

*All equipment is included in all classes.

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